Hull & Superstructure Spray Painting

Man spraying white paint on the under part of a boat.

Committed to excellence

At Manoel Island Yacht Yard in Malta, we provide a comprehensive range of services for both private and charter yachts – we’re equipped to ensure things on the inside are running smoothly as well as being able to maintain your yacht’s exterior.

Your yacht’s paint job is one of the first things people will notice, and as such, is a key factor in how people perceive it, which will ultimately factor into whether or not they want to charter the vessel.

Even yachts that are cleaned regularly must still contend with the corrosive effects that nature can wreak on a yacht. For example, the sun’s UV rays can be harmful to your yacht’s paint job after extended exposure; increased levels of salt in the water and air at sea can lead to discolouration and oxidation in the boat’s structure, and even excessive buffing/polishing can thin the paint and leave it extra vulnerable to the elements.

Choosing the right team
for your upcoming project

Whilst it may be very tempting to research how to paint a yacht yourself in order to save money, repainting a yacht is not light work and trying to do it alone often results in costly mistakes. Furthermore, when you consider the chemicals you’ll be working with and the apparatus/facilities required to do the job effectively, it becomes even more expensive to paint a yacht without the support of a specialist shipyard.

At Manoel Island Yacht Yard, our expert team has a wealth of experience to draw from and we’re perfectly equipped to handle all your hull and superstructure spray painting safely and effectively.

Let our team of skilled and experienced painters see to all your yacht painting requirements so that you can stay focused on what’s important during your next yacht charter.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

We have fostered relationships with numerous industry connections, from across Europe and worldwide. MIYY is well-positioned to coordinate and communicate effectively to complete Your Project on Time and on Budget.

State-of-the-art facilities

Our yard is centrally located in the Mediterranean Sea and is within walking distance of local restaurants, gastropubs, and shopping malls.

We’re also easily accessible from all major EU ports, making us the go-to choice for yachts visiting Europe. We have on-site yacht storage/berthing facilities and run a 24-hour security service so that our clients can rest assured that their yachts are safe while they’re being painted by our teams.

To ensure easy and convenient communication with clients, we have experienced, friendly, multilingual-speaking staff on hand. So, if you have any questions about our yacht painting and/or antifouling services in Malta, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at + 356 2090 4000 or email info@yachtyard-malta.com for more information.

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