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Superyacht Hydraulic Specialists

Is your superyacht in need of specialist hydraulic treatment? If the hydraulic system on your vessel is damaged or in need of an upgrade, our team can provide you with an effective and bespoke solution for the requirements of your yacht. Manoel Island Yacht Yard can maintain repair and install your superyacht hydraulics from our yard based in Malta. We recommend booking in advance to ensure your vessel is serviced in a timescale that suits you.

Our superyacht hydraulic experts are trained and skilled in the maintenance, repair, and installation of yacht hydraulic systems. These systems include power steering, stabilisers, thrusters, cranes, and a wide range of machinery that rely on hydraulic power.

As a long-established shipyard, we are fully aware of the importance of a yacht’s hydraulics and how vital it is that onboard systems are dependable and running smoothly. Hydraulics are essential for the operation of a yacht. They affect the boarding equipment, engines, steering systems, and even jet ski storage facilities.

Hydraulic solutions for your superyacht

Our experts specialise in superyacht hydraulics. They provide services designed to make sure your hydraulic systems are well-maintained, efficient, and safe. The assistance offered by our superyacht experts includes:

Maintenance services:

Manoel Island Yacht Yard encourages regular inspections for the upkeep of the hydraulic systems installed on your boat and ensures they’re functioning efficiently. We can service hydraulic helipads, stabilisers, tender garages, doors, swim platforms, passerelles marine gateway, seals, and more. Our experienced team use the latest technology to make sure your yacht is maintained properly. This helps to avoid any unexpected issues in the future.

Repair services: 

If your superyacht hydraulic systems are failing then our priority is to get your vessel up and running in no time at all. Our team will run a diagnosis and identify any failures, leaks and other faults that may arise. We will then provide consultation on the options of repair and move forward most effectively. As part of our service, we can replace old, outdated or damaged hydraulic systems with newer, more efficient systems. 

Installation services: 

We deliver expert installation for new hydraulic systems on new or existing superyachts. We use a practical approach when selecting the best hydraulic system for your yachting needs. From steering systems to helipad hydraulics we have a solution for your superyacht! We can also upgrade existing hydraulic systems to improve performance and efficiency.

Hydraulics engineered for high-performance

Hydraulic systems on large yachts may include equipment to help with a variety of tasks, such as launching tenders, improving manoeuvrability during docking, setting sail, and mooring the yacht.

The types of hydraulic systems can vary between yachts, but the steering system is usually the one that is seen the most. It’s therefore important to book routine check-ups. This can prevent costly and potentially dangerous situations

Based in Malta, our shipyard is equipped with the latest technologies to implement high-performing hydraulic maintenance. Our clients know they are leaving their vessel in the safest hands and appreciate the fast and reliable service we offer. We will troubleshoot and service yacht hydraulics regularly helping maintain power units and keep hydraulics free from impurities ensuring there is correct oil flow.

Mechanist checking the well functioning of a machine.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

We have fostered relationships with numerous industry connections, from across Europe and worldwide. MIYY is well-positioned to coordinate and communicate effectively to complete Your Project on Time and on Budget.

State-of-the-art facilities

Our yard is centrally located in the Mediterranean Sea and is within walking distance of local restaurants, gastropubs, and shopping malls.

We’re also easily accessible from all major EU ports, making us the go-to choice for yachts visiting Europe. We have on-site yacht storage/berthing facilities and run a 24-hour security service so that our clients can rest assured that their yachts are safe while they’re being painted by our teams.

To ensure easy and convenient communication with clients, we have experienced, friendly, multilingual-speaking staff on hand. So, if you have any questions about our yacht painting and/or antifouling services in Malta, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at + 356 2090 4000 or email info@yachtyard-malta.com for more information.

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