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MIYY has collected decades of years of experience in the yacht service industry.

Manoel Island Yacht Yard has acquired years of experience in the yacht service industry. The key to successful and stress-free Superyacht project management lies in the ability to take timely and well-informed decisions. This, together with harmonious coordination and fostering strong relationships between all parties involved, enable Manoel Island Yacht Yard to deliver projects to the Customer’s satisfaction.

Our range of services include:

“I duly recommend Manoel Island Yacht Yard for performing repairs and refit in view of the excellent service and quality achieved by their teams with World-Class know-how”

Olivier Lavergne
Captain M/Y Blue Shadow

Trusted by Industry Leaders

A planned superyacht maintenance system increases the safety and reliability of any yacht, significantly reducing the risk of operational performance failure. At MIYY, we ensure the full team is prepared for yacht maintenance and safety. Our team working together with the yacht crew, sets up planned maintenance procedures in accordance with Manufacturer’s Guidelines, Classification Society, Regulations and Flag State Requirements.