Surrounded by the azure blues seas of the Mediterranean the Maltese Islands have always been a magnet for seafarers
Malta has been a location for marine repair activity since the days of the Knights of St. John. Its central Mediterranean location and ease of access by sea and air make it a convenient choice to holiday or to cruise with some of the greatest historical and architectural heritage available anywhere in the Mediterranean.

Malta – an archipelago of tiny islands with a past shrouded in the ethereal mists of time – chequered with tales of magic, myth and mystery. Megalithic Temples dot the landscape: still an impressive and awe-inspiring sight and silent testimony to a mysterious complex civilisation. The travels of Odysseus tell of the Hero being seduced by the temptress Calypso on the delightful island of Gozo, whilst, Pliny the Younger, commented upon a visit to the Islands ( during the Roman period) that you could walk as far as the eye could see under the shade of olive trees.

Surrounded by the azure blues seas of the Mediterranean the Maltese Islands have always been a magnet for seafarers – the crossroads of the Middle Sea – fought over and conquered for generations before finally gaining independence in 1964. The Islands history is a rich colourful tapestry: at times poignant, but yet, a wildly romantic melange: with Phoenician, Punic, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Norman, Knights of St John, French and British ‘invaders’ coveting the Islands.

Today Malta is a vibrant bustling destination, sought after by Mariners for different reasons: commerce through its large Freeport, a wonderful destination for large cruise ships and for sailors cruising the beautiful Island waters.

The Islands offer a superb range of cultural activities with a plethora of world class museums, theatres, art galleries and wonderful architecture: particularly attributed to the Knights of St John in Valetta, and the British with their colonial and military legacy.
Manoel Island Yacht Yard
Superbly located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea on the delightful Maltese
Islands. Manoel Island is located close to the bustling heart of Sliema, with excellent
access to local chandlers, shops, pharmacies, Banks, bars and restaurants.
Visitors are spoilt for choice with the numerous
bars, cafes, takeaways and restaurants on hand: traditional pubs, local bars,
international cuisine, Maltese traditional food – only a few minutes’ walk from
the Yard. 
Maltese and English are the official languages.
Italian is widely spoken.
Many other languages are also spoken by the cosmopolitan Maltese.

One hour ahead of GMT. Summer time commences on the last Sunday of March and ends on the last Sunday of October.

Banks/Currency/Post Offices:
There are numerous International banks (and Bureau de Change) in Malta including HSBC, Lombard, Sparkasse and the local bank – BOV.
The local currency is the Euro.
All major credit cards are widely accepted throughout the Islands.
Post offices are found in all localities.

International dialling : prefix calls to Maltese numbers with 00356. Mobile phone: Local and major International companies represented. Internet: modern and up to date.

WI-FI available throughout the Islands.
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