A one stop marine yard’ providing tailored made services for our clients
Manoel Island Yacht Yard (MIYY) is one of the oldest established specialist yacht repair yards in the Mediterranean. Our comprehensive facilities, together with a capable and committed workforce, have ensured a steady flow of satisfied customers over the years. The steady flow of demanding clientele has made our yard evolve and meet clients’ specialized demands. Throughout the years MIYY has enjoyed respect for its commitment, reliability, and workmanship. All projects are undertaken with dedication and professionalism, which is now synonymous with MIYY.

Manoel Island Yacht Yard is a 'one stop marine yard' providing tailored made services for our clients. It's a modern yard where tradition embraces the latest in technology. The skilled and motivated workforce are led by a highly experienced and professional management team: whose total understanding of the needs of super yacht Captains, as well as local or international visiting yachtsmen, makes for a smooth seamless working relationship.

At Manoel Island Yacht Yard personal attention is the key. The team works closely with clients, evaluating problems and then offering cost effective solutions.

Over the past seven years since privatisation an extensive modernisation of existing machinery, equipment and infrastructure has taken place.

Manoel Island Yacht Yard offers a range of skills to tackle everything – from a minor emergency to a full refit using the latest in modern technology: backed by a highly skilled workforce.

The Islands worldwide communications are excellent. From Luqa, Malta’s international airport, flights connect globally, whilst ferries link the Islands to the European mainland. Private helicopter and jet hire is available.
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